Tabloid Wars

Dateline: Mon 24 Jul 2006

Burned-out journalists and others who care about the vaulted Fourth Estate should check out Bravo's "Tabloid Wars" on Bravo Monday at 9 p.m.

This Monday --- July 24-- was the premiere episode of the documentary, which follows New York's tough men and women reporters at The Daily News as they sweat and struggle to get the story and get it right -- and beat the competition, The New York Post.

I loved this show, because of the energy and the lines. Who dares say passion is dead in this business? Up the revolution, long live the press.

"I walked away from everything because I wanted to be a reporter," says Kerry Burke, a hard-charging reporter with thinning blonde hair falling over his forehead and an attitude that won't quit. He was once a paper boy in Boston.

"I'll sleep when I'm dead," he says about the pressures of deadline.

"If we can squeeze the genitalia of powerful people in New York and make them scream," then we're doing our job, says the male half of the gossip columnists Rush & Malloy.

"This is like a fluid chess game and you have to move the pieces," says another editor, who obviously understands the intricacies and energy of the game of journalism.

Kick-ass and inspirational. Keep it coming. More competition is the only answer to the embedded corporate, moneyed mega-structure that contemporary journalism has drifted into.

And while I'm on a tear -- long live blogs.


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