Merry Christmas -- the eagle has landed!

Dateline: Mon 25 Dec 2006

Indiana Eagle

Putnam County neighbor and friend Dick Amers phoned at 9 a.m. this morning. "Ruth, the eagle is out in the field again! If you go over there now, you can probably see it."

We did. The American Bald eagle, a magnificent bird by any standards, with a head white as snow and appearing to be 3 feet or more tall, was in the soybean field north of us. His Christmas breakfast was the carcass of a deer. He fed, he looked around, he fed some more.

But this eagle was not born yesterday. As soon as anyone approached too closely on the nearby road, in car or by foot, he soared into a nearby tree. Patience is the best virtue; eventually he returned, and Guy Holladay got the photo posted.

We wish everyone a very merry and blessed Christmas.


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