Hoosier judge saves teen culture

Dateline: Sun 24 Dec 2006

According to Indiana Law Blog, AP is reporting that two Henry County sophomores will be allowed to return to school after they were expelled for making an evil teddy bear movie. Here's the link:


U.S. District Judge Sarah Evans Barker in Indianapolis issued the ruling.

In the movie, "The Teddy Bear Master," stuffed animals are ordered by Teddy B. to kill a teacher who has embarrassed him. But wait, it's a happy ending for authority -- students battle the toy beasts.

School officials expelled the boys from the school in Knightstown on the basis that the movie was "disruptive," altho that's a highly debatable point -- the judge saw no evidence of that. The prosecutor in Henry County had wisely declined to press charges.

Judge Barker, no film critic she, said the movie was "vulgar," "tasteless," "humiliating" and "obscene," but officials had not proved it disrupted school.

What will adults come up with next? A mandate against teens playing violent video games? Surely, not in Indiana.

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