Victory for IPD

Dateline: Sat 23 Dec 2006

IndyUnderCover is reporting that the FOP's new president Aaron Sullivan says retro pay is back on the table in negotiations betweeen the city and the Indianapolis Police Department. Basically, the retro pay will become part of the 2007 contract negotiations.

IndyUnderCover has a copy of Sullivan's letter to the officers on its website, so you can check it out there.

And for an understanding of how serious this issue is to the city of Indianapolis, take a look at Taking Down Words post: "From Bad to Worse: Indy Cops Propose Special Treatment for Supporters."

Jen Wagner has an interesting (but in my view flawed) analysis of how the police are screwing themselves with their "By the Book" slowdown. She's particularly distressed that police are urging their supporters to wear blue ribbons; then if an officer happens to pull over someone in the line of duty and that someone is sporting a blue ribbon, he/she gets special treatment.

TDW goes on to chastise the officers, telling them if they want public support, they should give 110 percent -- volunteer to help a needy cause, etc.

IN the comments section, there's a pretty blistering response from an officer who tells it like it is -- how the city has repeatedly lied to the FOP, what the slowdown really will do and how much IPD officers already give in terms of charity.

I'm not public safety expert, but it seems obvious that the administration can find money when it wants to for special projects, buildings, stadiums, all the glory stuff. It's shameful that IPD has gone so long without a contract and gotten so little respect. But it's good that the mayor and his people apparently are now ready to work with Sullivan and the FOP.

If nothing else, the meltdown indicates that the cops' approach has been successful. Congratulations and let's get this show on the road.



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