Ding dong the witch is dead

Dateline: Sat 23 Dec 2006

Brendan O'Shaughnessy at the Star reports today that the Indianapolis Marion County Public Library's chief you-know-what is bailing.

Linda Mielke, who caused more havoc than a tornado in the stacks, will "step down" as of January. That's a relief, but who's going to pay for all those thousands of books she eliminated and the thousands of DVDs she let be stolen? Who's going to rebuild the library now that Louis Mahern and the board have once again allowed an out-of-control CEO to run riot?

Mielke did so many awful things to the library system it's not possible to catalogue them all here. Obviously, any CEO who is so demented she can force librarians into a unionizing stance is very bad news.

But at least, thank goodness, she's gone. If only her toadies would go with her...

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