Chris Douglas speaks; we listen

Dateline: Sat 23 Dec 2006

Chris Douglas, a successful businessman and leader in the gay community, has an insightful commentary on why he's a Republican, posted today on the Bilerico blog:

He provides a good history lesson not only of his loving Republican family but of GOP politics in Indiana. His conclusion is that a new, energized base of young Republicans won't stand for reactionaries and gay bias; he issues a call to action to get organized in the hope of creating a bright, shining future.

The comments are also extremely fascinating. My friend Wilson Allen, as hardline a Dem as you will find, discusses the history of treatment of African-Americans by the GOP in Marion County -- it's harsh, in his view. I believe Wilson sheds light on why so many blacks are ferociously loyal Democrats. Rick Sutton, also a Dem, a friend and a good guy, also weighs in with valid points, including another history lesson. He urges Chris to come on over to the D-side.

If you love politics and you care about gay rights in this state, and human beings, then this post and commentary are must-reads.

Check it out!


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