NUVO names the Grinch

Dateline: Fri 22 Dec 2006

NUVO cartoonist Wayne Bertsch kindly shared his work from the current NUVO, and here it is (click on the cartoon for a bigger image). Thanks to both him and NUVO, the alternative weekly, for sharing.

See NUVO online --

The Star's Dennis Ryerson is a big target of late. Gannett management's decision to use anything but reporters to gather the news on the cheap has earned him plenty of catcalls. The melee started in the arts community, after Ryerson suggested that the Star would use readers to do theater reviews. Hence the reference to This blog also picked up on it.

After all, 'tis the season to be merry. Nothing like a good laugh to kick off the holidays.

Thanks, Wayne and NUVO.



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