In defense of the Marriott

Dateline: Wed 20 Dec 2006

This is from a Downtown insider, who says the real Marriott that will be built is not the one everybody saw unveiled yesterday. Anger over the project is somewhat understandable, he says, since Indy residents don't have the full picture yet.

His comments, anonymously:

"The artist's rendering of the JW Marriott is not remotely what it

> will end up looking like. That was hastily thrown together for the

> proposal.

> "For one thing, since it will be 1000 rooms instead of 800, it is

> likely to be as tall as 35 stories (rather than 25). And from what I

> understand, there will be an implied imperative to make it

> architecturally distinctive.

> "In any case, the critics are jumping the gun, though I understand

> why since that wasn't explained yesterday.



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