FOP, mayor, making progress?

Dateline: Wed 20 Dec 2006

IndyUnderCover is reporting today that there may be an announcement tomorrow about an agreement between the mayor's office and the FOP.

We should all hope for that, because this is getting ridic. Today the Star took yet another opportunity to bash the FOP in its lead editorial. In talking about the surging crime rate, the editorial writer says the FOP should be outraged by the crime statistics.

Then, this -- a slugger punch, unnecessary, rude, insulting, and right to the kisser:

"But the FOP continues its long-running sparring match with Peterson, this time over the mayor's decision to pull back from a five-percent pay raise that the union rejected earlier this year. While the rank-and-file deserve better pay (note from Ruth -- is that admission a first from the Star?), they should have accepted the offer when it was first presented."

It's very dysfunctional for the Star to blame the hard-working men and women of law enforcement for the mayor's continued arrogance towards them. Especially now, with new FOP leadership, the Star should be backing the cops, who after all are only the thin blue line between anarchy and civilization.

Once again, the Star proves it is a horn for the 25th floor of the City-County Building and not representative of the interests of the people.

All that aside, here's hoping that IndyUnderCover has the straight scoop.



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