Mafia on the march

Dateline: Tue 19 Dec 2006

Star reporter Jon Murray says that Marion County Center Township Trustee Carl Drummer is being sued, by a judge no less, for interfering in her small claims court.

The stories coming out of this township just get weirder and weirder.

Here is what Jon Murray reports in the Star online:

"A lawsuit filed against Center Township Trustee Carl Drummer by the township's small claims judge accuses him of meddling in the court's hiring and budgeting.

"Judge Paula E. Lapossa filed the suit Monday in Marion Superior Court. It argues the Indiana Constitution allows the court to hire and supervise its employees, determine the court's expenses and provide adequate space.

"But the lawsuit says Drummer, the longtime trustee, hasn't provided sufficient office space, equipment or supplies. He also has interfered in hiring court staff and won't pay fees owed this year to a pro-tem judge and an interpreter, the lawsuit says; the pro-tem judge, whose name is not provided, sits in for Lapossa during some sessions and is owed $2,200."

Drummer said it is his understanding that the trustee controls the small claims court staff. He called the lawsuit frivolous.

What is frivolous is the mickey-mouse shenanigans going on in Center, and presumably, in other township trustee offices. Maybe it's time to investigate Drummer at the state level. God knows, getting rid of the township system in Indiana is long overdue.

Oh, as to the mafia reference: that's the Center Township Dems, mostly black, who call the shots in their turf without much regard to anyone or anything.



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