Dateline: Tue 19 Dec 2006

No wonder the biggies are worried. As the devil/attorney (Al Pacino) says in the movie "The Devil's Advocate", referring to laywers, "We just keep on comin'! It's our time!"

OK, bloggers are not Satanists, nor are most of us lawyers, altho I do know a couple....

But today belongs to us, blogger people. You'll never eat lunch in this town again, Gannett.

Here is the latest, sent in an email:

"Something new debuts on the web this week: The's Indiana edition. You can find it here:

"BlogNetNews doesn't have a political ax to grind and jumps a

generation ahead of other aggregators out there that just reprint posts and tell you which ones get clicked on the most." says the intro.

"We are going to use your feeds - and the feeds of top

Indiana-centric news and political bloggers - to create new content and

information that will organize your slice of the Internet to make it work

better for your readers."

Dave Mastio is the genius behind this launch. O Happy Day, because has already made the pages of BlogNetNews and I don't even know who Dave is. But that's the way this new thingie works -- as KPaul Mallasch in Muncie says of his two blogs (Indiana Free Press and Muncie Free Press,) "The new journalism is a conversation. I'll work with anybody."

Same here.

And don't forget -- INDYRATS.COM is coming in 2007! Breaking news: we've nabbed a sex columnist! More breaking news: AN ASIAN WOMAN AND A CATHOLIC MOTHER OF TWO WILL PROVIDE SPORTS COMMENTARY. And there is more to come. If you're looking for work -- if you want to write for free -- contact me. As designer Parn Sudmee says, "Passion, not money." Joh Padgett is already on board for content and other stuff. Sign up while we're hot.

Thanks, Dave Mastio. Best to you and yours and congratulations.



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