Is Daniels on crack?

Dateline: Wed 13 Dec 2006

I have to agree with what everybody else is saying: maybe we are all really dumb and just can't comprehend his Governorship's huge brain.

Or maybe, just maybe, Mitch Daniels is drunk as a Putnam County skunk on privatization. As concepts go, this must be to a Republican what socialized medicine is to Dems -- the ultimate fantasy, the pot at the end of the rainbow.

But is there no institution immune from his vision of turning a profit? Is he like Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge, who thinks of nothing but a big pile of dough? It would be funny if it weren't so overbearing: first the toll road, then the FSSA, then the BMV and now the lottery. What's next? The Hoosier National Forest?

Speaking of the guv...look for an upcoming anecdote on his and Cheri's efforts to redo the Meridian Street manse. A recent posting about the Daniels' ritzy Geist residence brought this rebuke: Cheri and Mitch's decorating scheme at their "very ordinary" Geist home is more shit than style. Neither of them are really into painting the walls raspberry or whatever. Well, we all knew that when she rejected a decorator's suggestion for that oh-so-Continental monkey wallpaper in a powder room on Meridian.

So what's a guy who sports frayed collars and lumpy old raincoats doing privatizing everything? Where's the common touch of "our" Man Mitch.

One thing is for sure: his people have not gotten out ahead of this latest one on the lottery. At the rate he's going, he may take the state to the bank, but he's going to cost the Republicans the governorship.



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