Clarke Kahlo: Keeping it alive

Dateline: Wed 13 Dec 2006

I swear there's a coverup or something nastier re: the lack of attention in MSM regarding the 300 East bar deal.

But then there's Clarke Kahlo. The ultimate citizen watchdog, he's the guy who first blew the whistle on this stinky mess when he attended a zoning meeting related to Polin Park on East Fall Creek Parkway. The little park had the life squeezed out of it by the bar and its investor cronies.

Never one to let it go, Clarke is the author of a letter to the editor in the current Indianapolis Business Journal (Dec. 11-17).

His point? "City leaders failing to protect parkland," as the headline reads.

Says Clarke:

"Taxpayers fund a greenways office, which should be monitoring our greenways. But it has been mute on the taking of this park along Fall Creek. We also fund a Cultural Development Commission, which distributes millions of dollars for art in public spaces and cultural-enrichment programs. It too has been silent. And we've had a quiet parks board."

Clarke's concerns is that the land grab completely ignored the city's Parks Comprehensive Plan, the historic Kessler Boulevard and Park Plan and the National Register of Historic Places.

His conclusions: "Several organizations in Indinapaolis offer training programs in civic leadership. The public officials who have so poorly acquitted themselves in this brazen land-grab should take leadership training on how to say no and otherwise protect our historic cultural and natural places."

Wonder why his letter to the editor wasn't printed in the Indianapolis Star?



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