The money quote...or "that noise" on the Internet

Dateline: Fri 08 Dec 2006

Here's the email exec editor Dennis Ryerson sent to his staff Wednesday. Amusing, seeing as how the Star has been scooped on so much of late and largely relies on press releases at that.

Yet Dennis waxes eloquent both about the power of press releases and the importance of the web --- what he called "that noise" when referring to an offensive blogger:

"We also had a very good day yesterday in terms of postings on our

website. (We're down some today). You may think an item is a small deal.

Some of our web users may think so too. The latter included some crabs who talked back to yesterday's posting of a new bakery/restaurant downtown.

"But they later were sharply scolded by a downtown worker who pointed out

that she is very, very interested in lower-cost dining downtown, and that

the story was important news for her.


We all get press releases, and we all are tempted to think, ahhh, not much news here. But it is news to somebody.

"Take a couple of moments, please, to get a couple of sentences

of the information online. The more postings, the more traffic we

generate. And remember that we are in a competitive business, requiring us

to move fast to ensure we don't get trumped by another source."

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