Hated Lottery director to get axe?

Dateline: Thu 07 Dec 2006

The tireless (and youthful) Jennifer Wagner of Taking Down Words is never wimpish when it comes to work. Hence she scooped us all again by printing the rumor that Esther Q. Schneider will lose her job as the executive director of the Hoosier Lottery.

TDW suggests in a Wednesday post that Schneider will be replaced by Kathryn Densborn, the Washington Township Republican, Catholic and former real estate agent who lost her bid to defeat Rep. David Orenlichter, the Democrat who represents District 86 in Indiana.

Schneider is an unknown to me, but she was in my sights based on this confidential email from someone who worked with her:

"Esther Q Schneider...(is) nuts. She screams, pounds the table, stares at people, pitches fits and is irrational. She also has fired people, threatens to fire people, looks forward to firing people, etc. "

According to the source, Schneider hit the wall when she forced HL corporate lawyer Janna Shisler to quit after 13 years on the job. Schneider supposedly made impossible demands on Shisler.

Shisler is disabled, with partial mobility in only one hand.

"Schneider tore up a contract and threw it at Janna one day-- expecting her to do what, pick it up? Janna finally quit knowing it is highly unlikely she will get another job (needless to say she needs the health coverage). She finally filed an EEOC suit against Schneider (who has other suits filed against her for various other misdeeds)."

Here's my question: how do people like this get big-wig jobs? Apparently TDW has been on this case for a while; why did it take the guv so long to take action?

As for Densborn, plenty of TDW's readers are questioning her abilities in the comments section. But I know her as a former neighbor, a moderate, a Catholic and a dignified woman who, I hope, would be a welcome change at the lottery.


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