Fear wins

Dateline: Wed 06 Dec 2006

300 East got the rezoning OK from the Metropolitan Development Commission today in a 6-3 vote. As expected.

Star reporter Will Higgins was there and reported the following:

"Darla Williams, who lives near the site, and several others from around the city spoke against it. 'The people in this community don't want this,' Williams said after the meeting, 'but they're afraid to speak up. These are poor people. They're afraid of Bill Mays and the (Center Township) trustee.'"

A friend who was there said one of the commissioners, when presented with a flurry of letters supporting the restaurant/bar, asked where a letter was from Rep. Julia Carson. The building that will house the upscale establishment bears her name. At the last minute, my friend reported, a letter from Rep. Carson was submitted. But Rep. Carson reportedly said in the letter that she had not taken a stand on the issue.

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