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Dateline: Tue 05 Dec 2006

Several readers/Marines sent a story from St. Louis about a guy who claimed to be a Marine and wore a ton of high-profile medals --- and was

busted recently because he was a damn fake. Here is the link:


The short of it is, Michael Gerald Weilbacher, 48, of St. Louis, not only never received the Navy Cross, Silver Star and Bronze Stars he wore at Marine and veterans' events, he was never even in the corps!

This is important because these phonies can now be arrested and face time and fines. Why do I care? For many reasons, but a chief one is that I was fooled by former IU law prof Bill Bradford, who claimed that he was a Silver Star recipient, a major in the Army, etc., as well as a victim of a militant/feminist PC law faculty who hated him because of his military background.

Fortunately, Lt. Col. Keith Donnelly, an attorney who really was in the Army and in law school at the time, smelled a rat in Bradford and tipped me off about his suspicions. We both did our homework and learned that Bradford was not who he claimed to be, according to Army records.

For those who care, Bradford was last headed to Las Vegas -- perfect setting for all flim flam men.

Credit for exposing this bullshit in St. Louis goes to retired Marine major William Dragan of the St. Louis area. He contacted Doug Sterner, a military historian who has a web site devoted to this kind of crime. Doug was also a great resource for my reporting.

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