Stir some major pot

Dateline: Tue 05 Dec 2006

Former copy boy AND drama critic at the Star Nick Crews (a unique claim to fame) has, in his own words, stirred some major pot at the Indiana Auditions blog site:

Nick, a dear friend of many years, is bold enough to suggest that the theater community in Indy could benefit from a truth-telling blog. a living witness to the sort of stuff that went down when he was on the beat but obviously never made the pages of the wimpy Star. (He says he was a pansy on the beat, but you and I both know the Star would never have published the real juice.)

Here's his proposal, lifted from his posting:

"Don't we agree this is just what this town needs: a bare-fisted theater blog unafraid to stir up a swampy, steamy cauldron of theater news and gossip? A Web site that lifts the curtain and peers backstage to reveal the seamy backside of the Indianapolis theater scene? A blog that gets on its knees in the Green Room, so to speak (ugh! What an image! Been there. Some have done that) to closely scrutinize, and celebrate, the dirt in the corners?

"The prospects are dizzying:

"Perhaps read a review of the real standing show over at Indiana's premiere theatrical bastion, a winsome little dysfunctional family drama called "Nepotism!"

"Get the inside scoop on a recent flip-out scene of one local producer, an incident that allegedly required an intervention.... and get the skinny on how his theater very well may qualify as a "hostile work environment" under Federal statutes,

"Maybe savor the contents of a leaked memo that sheds new light on the sudden departure of a certain artistic director at one of our major theaters..."

What's most compelling about Nick's argument and his proposal is the wowser response he's gotten -- 3,100 views of what he's written, 74 written replies.

Obviously, the boy touched a nerve.

The truth is: this is the future. Whatever Nick launches will be in good company.

On that note, a plug for another new blog in ' (yep, that's indystar spelled backwards)

That one WILL include theater criticism as well as everything else under the sun. Give me your poor, your tired, your weary old reporters and readers: we'll put 'em to work. And be in good company right alongside THE GREEN ROOM. Yayyyyy!!!!



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