Does Barbie live in a mansion?

Dateline: Tue 05 Dec 2006

In fairness to Susan Bayh, a reader points out in an email that when Mrs. B was Indiana's first lady, she did reside in the governor's residence on North Meridian.

This gives her an edge over a certain other Barbie, named Cheri Daniels, wifey of Mitch.

Cheri D. pissed off a lot of people by refusing to move to the Meridian Street manse -- the kitchen wasn't right, it needed an update, etc etc etc. Cheri-Barbie prefers her Geist estate, even tho the governor's home has been renovated.

(And the word was that Mrs. Daniels refused to let the cops guarding the Daniels' ritzy home to come in for a bathroom break.)

That's high maintenance.



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