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Dateline: Tue 05 Dec 2006

Just another day in the madhouse. Former Star theater critic Nick Crews is now 'fessing up on indianaauditions.com that he made the whole thing up. Such a creative imp, as one of his fans noted. (Honeys, he does have a few fans left, doesn't he? Besides me, I mean).

He never intended to start a new blog (The Green Room) devoted to dishing up the dirt on the Indy theater scene. He was simply engaging in performance art. Silly us.

Or as he said in an email:

"I turned the whole thing into a prank (which it was from the beginning), or, rather, a play.

"Here's the Playbill" (says Nick):

"The Green Room"

"A Drama In One Act

"Cast: Every one who posted

"Audience: Everyone who visited, but didn't post

"Director: Nick Crews (former copyboy, former theater critic."

Is he nuts? Yes, according to many who responded on indyauditions. But who cares? Here's how Skerdog explained what went down -- he caught on and provided this Mr. Rogers version of the chain of events:

"Nick got his knickers in a twist over a comment or two in the IBJ article." (from Ruth -- about the poverty of theater coverage from the Star)

"He then decided to (for whatever reason) come up with this faux idea of a blog.

"Chaos ensued. Names were called. Blood pressures were raised.

"Meanwhile Nick sat back and chuckled at the chaos he had loosed.

"Now Nick is admitting that he has made multiple accounts on here (a 'no-no' if memory serves) and that you theater types (remember, I can say "you"... I'm just a patron) take yourselves too seriously (NO!), while stepping back into the shadows to let the festering wounds this thread opened get infected.

"Much hilarity ensued (and that was sarcasm).

"The end. Oh hello Lady Elaine!"

Take a bow, everyone. Or just go online and read the whole damn drama yourself: http://www.indianaauditions.com

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