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Dateline: Wed 30 Aug 2006

The following appeared on Tuesday's Opinion Journal, a Wall Street Journal online publication. The original source is the Washington Times.

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Here is what the Opinion Journal wrote:

'Stomp Israel Like a Bug'

"Robert Goldberg, writing in the Washington Times, surveys the Action Forum, an online bulletin board for the Angry Left's premier grass-roots organization, and finds it rife with anti-Semitism:

" 'Christian Zionists are ultimately responsible for whatever Israel does, whether they realize it or not! Of course they're going to play dumb and say they're powerless over Israel! We're supposed to fall for that. The US Gov. could stomp Israel like a bug, if we had to! That's where the Christian Zionist "beliefs" mix with US laws and Foreign Policy. They are favoring Israel because of their Zionist belief system.'"

"Ninety [percent of readers expressing an opinion] agreed with this post.

"Why the Jews? Or as one post quipped, 'Why are the Jews so Jew-y?' According to the mind of Moveon, '(I)t's those GREEDY PIGS who own our mainstream media who are placing RELIGION/POLITICS (ISRAEL) and CORPORATE GREED above the best interests of the American people (peace, democracy, clean air, healthcare, etc.). As we've already agreed, most of these GREEDY PIGS are Jewish."

"Fifty percent approved of this post. . . .

"Meanwhile, postings (mostly by Jews) pleading for moderation are rejected.

" ' The amount of anti-Semitic trash on this forum is abhorrent to most Americans. These rants, castigating Israel and Jews in general, are taking MoveOn so far from its roots and avowed purpose."

"Well said. But only 21 percent of Moveon members agree.

"MoveOn is, by its own description, "a way for busy but concerned citizens to find their political voice in a system dominated by big money and big media." The hateful posts Goldberg quotes, that is, don't reflect the views of MoveOn's leadership but rather are spontaneous expressions by its members. It's not clear how representative they are, but at the very least, the Angry Left's grass roots are beset by some aggressive weeds."

My comment -- MoveOn.Org is blatantly anti-semitic. Geez, this is like something you'd read on Al Jazeera.

A responsible, civic-minded, credible, democratic-loving blog would never permit its space to be used to stir hatred. was always nutty and extreme, but this is over the top. Time to move out, Moveon.



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