Indy, leader of the pack: poverty, foreclosure, lousy test scores

Dateline: Wed 30 Aug 2006

Alert reader Jim Burns has just sent a link documenting Indianapolis' being No. 1 in the nation for the first quarter of 2006 in foreclosure.

For every 69 households in Indy, there is one foreclosure. Sadly, this is a trend and Indy has led the pack for some time now.

Advance Indiana had a good post Tuesday about the state's rising poverty rate and our students' falling SAT test scores. Altogether, a gloomy picture, but one that should inspire us all to be more involved in the community.

Some random thoughts: Education is the silver bullet. We need to do all we can to make Hoosier pupils competitive. The community college system in Indiana for years had to play second fiddle to the big hogs at the trough, IU and Purdue. That is changing, but we are paying for years of letting Bloomington and Lafayette have their way. IPS deserves our support and Dr. White and the board should be commended for thinking outside the box and providing alternative ed programs.

Finally, the city has spent a little too much money and time promoting sports. Get back to the core values that make any city attractive. Education should be at the heart.

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