Before the lights go out in Detroit...

Dateline: Wed 30 Aug 2006

This is a very good column by veteran journalist Jack Lessenberry regarding the state of newspapers in Detroit. Now a columnist for the Metro Times, a weekly alternative in Detroit, he aims the first part of his piece at the Gannett-owned Detroit Free Press.

What is striking (to me) are the comparisons between what passes for news coverage in Detroit and what has happened to the Star in Indianapolis. Sadly, apparently unlike Detroit, Indy really does not have a decent alternative. NUVO seems to have lost its way from the glory days of the late great Harrison J. Ullmann, RIP.

But this is not all doom and gloom. Lessenberry reminds us, quoting Arthur Miller, that "a good newspaper is a nation talking to itself."

Please read it, if you care about newspapers, what is happening to them and as a result what is happening to all of us.

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