Al Gore scores

Dateline: Mon 28 Aug 2006

The Drudge Report has picked up on a story by Jill Lawless in which Al Gore raps on the One-World Media as a threat to democracy.

Here's a key comment:

"Democracy is a conversation, and the most important role of the media is to facilitate that conversation of democracy. Now the conversation is more controlled, it is more centralized."

Everyone who reads blogs and alternative news sources knows how right-on he is, altho he ignores the other side of the old media's tight control mechanisms.

Historically, this time period in journalism and its counterpart democracy reminds me of when the underclass finally got copies of the Bible after Gutenberg fired up the presses. All of a sudden, a fresh wind blew thru Europe. Peasants had access and with access came learning and reading and with reading and learning came different translations and interpretations and lo and behold, ideas.

It was off to the races. A charitable thought: that is happening again.

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