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Dateline: Fri 25 Aug 2006

Two Northside men -- photographer Scott Barnes and his artist boyfriend Jay Howard Cook -- were sitting on the pier at Broad Ripple Park Tuesday, just passing time, gazing at the White River and chillin' in advance of an appointment.

When lo and behold, who should appear but an Indianapolis Police Department offIcer and a park ranger. What gives? Seems some hyper-vigilant park mama called the cops, overreacting to -- what? The fact that two men are in the park? In his blog, Sardonic Bomb, Barnes describes the whole silly but slightly sordid scenario. The posting, dated Aug. 24, is "WHAT'S THE WORLD COMING TO?" You can read it for yourself:

Anyhow, the guys were "cleared" after they came up "clean". Barnes said the IPD cop seemed embarrassed. No kidding. According to Barnes, they did nothing wrong. They were sitting there and talking.

Crime scene stoppers may note that Holiday Park, a few miles to the northwest of Broad Ripple Park, has for a long time been a setting for male-on-male trysts. Occasionally we read about undercover cops making busts there or at other parks.

But in this case, nobody was doing anything wrong. The whole incident would be funny if it wasn't proof positive that Polly Paranoia is alive and well and living in Indy.

As for the park mothers on patrol, I ask you to remember: that precious son or daughter you are raising may turn up gay someday. The whole thing just screams for a little less judgment, please, And a lot more common sense. And also, park mama could consider getting a life.

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