Whole Foods update

Dateline: Sat 19 Aug 2006

Peter Courtney, owner of the Movable Feast restaurant and catering business at 5741 E. 71st Street, has been following the whole Whole Foods story from his perch in the Binford/71st Northeastside area. Remember, that's the neighborhood that would dearly love to see a Whole Foods Market on its corner of the block.

Saturday, after returning home from planting and watering 300 trees on Binford Boulevard, Courtney told me what he knows -- that WF is committed to building in the Nora area.

"They want to be in Washington Township and Nora because they know they can pull from Carmel and Broad Ripple there," he said. "They want to be in Indianapolis, not in Fishers or Carmel."

Courtney's neighborhood association, BRAG, had courted Whole Foods in the spring. While that deal won't happen, Courtney said BRAG hopes to have an announcement in two weeks of a new project at 71st and Binford Boulevard, an area that he says has improved remarkably in the 9 years he's been doing business there. Plus, he said, the Marion County Sheriff's Department is opening a satellite station in the neighborhood.

"We have nothing but good news," he said.

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