Give back the park!

Dateline: Tue 15 Aug 2006

The Indiana Minority Report -- see link has some very good reading and reporting on the Polin Park deal. The headline is "Give back the park," a demand made not only by GOP 7th District contender Eric Dickerson but plenty of others. U.S. Rep Julia Carson, whom Dickerson is opposing, is pretty much flayed on this blog. Readers who weigh in with comments are clearly disgusted with her.

Could this be the beginning of the end for the Godmother? Has her bad habit of getting her hands dirty finally caught up with her?

The report raises the issue and asks a key question:

"The public outcry against this 'abuse of power' by black democrats against the black community, as well as against the poor, white and hispanic, in Indianapolis is astronomical. Many are asking "where is Bart Peterson?"

This cuts back to the chase. Peterson has allowed a small group of black cronies -- Center Township trustee Carl Drummer and his buddies the rich-and-powerful Lacy Johnson, playah Tony Duncan and by implication Metropolitan Development Commission hearing officer Judy Conley and her husband City-County Councilman King Ro Conley -- to ride roughshod over the people. The City-County council members who don't stand up to these clowns, and in fact participate in the shenanigans, are a sad joke. Maybe they got the juice, but the Lord giveth juice, and the Lord taketh juice away.

A friend tells me that years ago, the space in the Julia Carson Government Center -- space that will soon become an upscale likker lounge for hoity-toity blacks -- once housed a daycare center.

We thought Democrats were supposed to care about children. Why would they stand by silently and let the park be taken over by special interests, only to be carved up into parking spaces for the elitists' Jaguars and Lincoln Town Cars?

Time to get on the bandwagon, people. Speak up. Email your council person and tell him/her that the people are not blind, deaf or dumb. We can see a rat, we can hear a rat and we can smell a rat. This one is big and it's has been around the alley a few times, but it is hardly immortal.

UPDATE -- From Tuesday's Advance Indiana....

"(City-County) Councilor Patrice Abdullah (D), who apparently never bothered to research the issue prior to its approval by Metropolitan Development hearing examiner Judith Conley, wife of Councilor King Ro Conley, has asked the Metropolitan Development Commission to continue the appeal of the parking lot approval at the Julia Carson Government Center for a proposed restaurant/bar until the Commission's September 20 meeting. The hearing on the appeal is scheduled for August 16 (tomorrow) at 1:00 p.m."

It's uncertain whether this hearing will take place or be shelved, but I too plan to show up.

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