Will the real Abdul stand up?

Dateline: Mon 14 Aug 2006

First, Abdul's show Tuesday at 7:30 a.m. will feature GOP heavyweight contender Eric Dickerson talkin' 'bout the Polin Park deal. Every effort will be made to get Rep. Julia Carson to call in as well. That may or may not happen, since the word on the street is that her health is worsening. And this is no joke. I like Julia, very much, and I wish her well.

Back to Abdul -- tune your dial to AM-1430 WXNT. And will you please get some airwave power out here in Putnam, Mr. Man? We could use an early morning p--- call.

One more curiosity before this blog says "nitey-nite" -- Abdul is not changing his name, contrary to a rumor floating around late last week.

Word was he was taking time off to tend to this legal matter. Here's what he has to say:

"I've been Abdul-Hakim Shabazz since I was 12. I was

Jonathan Wallace before that. Parents changed it to go with the religion." Jonathan? Wallace? As in Wallace? Good change.

Also, the man was at a family reunion. So show some respect, please. And listen up, because this Polin Park thing is going to get hotter than a Putnam County bull at the state fair.

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