Back to square one

Dateline: Fri 11 Aug 2006

The death of Mpozi Tolbert may or may not have been preventable. The IOSHA investigation is ongoing and the coroner's office won't rule for weeks on the cause. But the safety issues remain front and center and unaddressed, every bit as real and troubling as they were the night of July 3.

On July 15, Judy Wolf, treasurer of the Guild, shared an email she had sent to publisher Barbara Henry "right after they took Pozi to the hospital. It had a number of items I thought needed to be addressed promptly," she wrote.

Here are problems Judy correctly identified:

"-- Ongoing CPR training for staff onsite.

-- Defibs on every floor, with training for staff.

-- Maps posted at the regular elevators showing the path to the freight elevators (I obviously didn't know then that the freight elevator was partly blocked, but I told Claudia that in the meeting w/the Labor folks).

-- Lack of an emergency kit with mouth guards and gloves for doing CPR.

-- That I was told security did not immediately call 911 but first asked questions about who was sick and what the problem was. That it seemed 911 should be called first, and then security could call back and get whatever info needed to guide paramedics to the right spot and to fill out reports."

So far, the only real change is that employees have been told to call 2222 in an emergency.

Back to square one: Gannett's safety and security policies and procedures are a joke. Who is willing to work for change?



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