No 1st Amendment for Wal-Mart?

Dateline: Fri 04 Aug 2006

From Romenesko:

" 'It's just hard to look at the newspaper business and be a real optimist," said (George) Riggs. "We are going to have to become super, super efficient on the cost side. We're going to have to become the Wal-Mart of information purveyors.

"Riggs ...was named this week to head all of the Northern California newspapers of MediaNews Group Inc. The company this week bought the Times, the Mercury News, the Monterey County Herald and the St. Paul Pioneer Press in a $1 billion deal."

Following is a sage comment courtesy of Marcella Fleming, a longtime Hoosier journalist with printer's ink still coursing in her blood:

"I don't believe newspapers deserve 1st Amendment protection anymore. Why should they? They've turned into nothing but corporations and monopolies. There is no Fourth Estate."

From Ruth: The tube lives.

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