Mel Gibson, get bent

Dateline: Wed 02 Aug 2006

Frank Rich of The New York Times was right. My dear friends Marcia Dayan, Harriet Rosen, Annie Vaprin and Cathy Mendelson also called it correctly. We had a passionate discussion about "The Passion" over lunch one day in 2004, during that ground swell when the movie was being released and generating a ton of ink and lots of chatter.

Annie said, "I will never see another Mel Gibson movie again," which I thought was extreme. But she and many others were convinced that Gibson was a dedicated anti-Semite, and they washed their hands of him.

Mea culpa -- the creator of "The Passion" is a twisted freak.

Or as my husband Guy said in response to Gibson's claims that he was drunk and said stuff he really did not believe.

"Sorry, Mel -- in vino veritas (in wine, truth).

You really fucked this one up

You Anti-Semitic sob."

Gibson's only hope? Admit he is a very sick man and that he needs help. Isn't there a 12-step program for people who hate Jews?


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