Baker's Dozen lays an egg (or fries one)

Dateline: Wed 02 Aug 2006

" 'Presentation is bold, immediate and creative.' -- One of our Baker's

Dozen goals...

"No matter how good our writing, readers won't read it if we don't draw them into The Star!

"Let's do more of it." -- Dennis Ryerson

That's the former boss, quoted 1/31/2006 in one of his many blathering but I'm sure well-meaning and always highly nervous-sounding emails about the Baker's dozen "principles" that guide much of what passes for journalism these days on the good ship Ganneypop.

But nobody ever explained to the Star newsroom what the BD is, why it is relevant or where it came from.

Then Baker's Dozen posters just magically appeared on posts and walls. (Sort of like the foam yellow "Brite Idea" stress-squeezers they gave us later...with the idea we'd all report all our "bright ideas" to corporate, when we weren't busy squeezing the stress out of our crummy lives).

The DR email boldly proclaimed to all us simpletons the wonder of "charticles" in telling the news. You know, that's when an article makes it with a chart and they have a baby.....

But why dig up old bones, back from January?

Oh, just cuz of the headline and story in today's online Star. Hold on to your sunglasses, people, this headline "news" might result in street riots:

Outdoor workers can't escape beating sun

click here:

Next time, perhaps, a charticle would be more bold, innovative and creative????

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